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Remember: to buy a house is always a good thing......
...and this could be the perfect time to make a deal!!!!!
We are facing a global economic crisis, the financial markets of the whole world are going through very difficult times and we find ourselves wondering how and where we can invest our money in a safe and profitable way.
Looking at the past, we can see that an investment in the real estate market has always protected our money from inflation and other risks.
For this reason,



was created in the main street of Lucca's historical center,that,thanks to its Manager, has chosen to follow with great professionality, reliability and transparency whoever desires to buy its dream house .
In the last years we have seen house prices sky rocketing, especially in the biggest urban areas. However, in Lucca, even if the rise in prices has been high, it has not been so crazy . 
Considering the stability of the prices we have reached today and the moment of global uncertainity we are dealing with, we can state that buying a house is surely the best and safest way to invest our money.
Reale immobiliare approaches the real estate market in a new way: the database of our web site is updated in real time and provides a very realistic vision of the houses and apartments we propose to our customers, avoiding exhausting, and sometimes useless, visits.
Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, you can take a virtual visit through each property, watch "little movies" with comments, see house maps, etc....




With our two portals   and, index-linked with the 40 best real estate portals worldwide and translated in 4 different languages, we can be a valuable help for all the owners that choose to offer their houses to tourists but don't have much time to invest in this activity.
In fact, our staff offers an "all-inclusive" formula (including conventions with cleaning and laundry companies and bilingual receiving people), currently only for the apartments located in the historical center of Lucca, to welcome tourists with all the details and information necessary to enjoy their stay in our wonderful town.

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